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Deed Poll
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Sex. Drugs. Murder. And they're just starting...
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Two drug-addicted, incestuous, rich siblings kill a call-boy to make playing cards out of his skin.

Title:Deed Poll
Release Date:December 5, 2004
Production Co.:Vivàsvan Pictures
Production Countries:Germany
Director:Ingo J. Biermann
Casts:, , , ,
Plot Keywords:gay, male nudity, female nudity, pornography, sexual obsession, sexual identity, rape, sex, drug abuse, sexuality, sexual abuse, heterosexual, smoking, gay kiss, eroticism, drug addiction, ecstasy, hustler, group sex, nudity, seduction, bisexuality, menage a trois, orgasm, masochism, blow job, longing, addicted, joint, punter, flush, sex addiction, sadomasochism, murder, homosexuality, promiscuity, marijuana, sexual harassment, sexual violence, prostitution, drug, killer, masturbation, incest, penis, voyeurism

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