Man & Wife: An Educational Film for Married Adults

Man & Wife: An Educational Film for Married Adults
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Man & Wife: An Educational Film for Married Adults Poster
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One of the first hardcore features to receive widespread distribution, Man and Wife was also the genre's first blockbuster. Hosted by some unnamed escapee from a twelve-step program, Man and Wife, moves from anatomy charts and Asian erotic art into actual footage of two couples demonstrating nearly fifty different sexual positions. Whew! Bucky grew hungry when he spied the wood panelled walls of their tiny bedroom, but gagged when the narrator insisted that the “woman on-top” position "help(s) quench her motherly instincts. “Man and Wife” was the first of several sex documentaries made by Matt Cimber (aka Matteo Ottaviano), Jayne Mansfield's final husband, who had previously directed his wife in Single Room Furnished ('68).

Title:Man & Wife: An Educational Film for Married Adults
Release Date:August 7, 1969
Genres:Drama, Documentary
Production Co.:Institute for Adult Education
Production Countries:United States of America
Director:Matt Cimber
Casts:, ,
Plot Keywords:sex education, unsimulated sex, educational film
Alternative Titles:
  • Man & Wife - [US]
  • Man and Wife - 49 mögliche Variationen der Liebe - [DE]
  • Kärlekspartners - [SE]
  • Maz i zona - [PL]
  • Paritteluleikki - [FI]
  • Mies ja vaimo - rakastelun riemut - [FI]

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